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Men In Bicycle Shorts

men in bicycle shorts

  • An adult human male

  • (menage) family: a social unit living together; "he moved his family to Virginia"; "It was a good Christian household"; "I waited until the whole house was asleep"; "the teacher asked how many people made up his home"

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Short Shorts Scandinavian Pride Ride 6.24.2009

Short Shorts Scandinavian Pride Ride 6.24.2009

These men continued to play cards even after the rowdy bicycling Scandinavians showed up!

Only in Portland during Pedalpalooza could you lead and event called the Short Shorts Scandinavian Pride Ride and over 100 participants will show up!

The pre-ride picnic in Piccolo Park in SE Portland brought around 20. What a feast of open sandwiches with a choice of cheeses included Brunost, the Norwegian brown cheese and IKEA pickled herring and salmon. Also homemade sour cherry jam (Deena!), lingon berry jam, and Lefse! Dan Miller picked up some on his trip to Minnesota, and I don’t know of anything tastier!

As more short shorts arrived, I ushered them to the flag making station with paper and crayons and also Elly was taking portraits in the park. At one point the Yoga by Bike Ride converged in the park. But there wasn’t much intermingling. Soon the tiny park was a sea of short shorts and homemade flags on bikes, ready to parade around town. I asked if there were any native Scandinavians, but we were all Americanized or a Swede for the day. Thanks to Shawn G for bringing a portable ‘bull horn’ so people could have slightly more of a clue of what was going on.

The bike route was done “Viking Style.” At the start, Carl Larson –the original inspiration for the ride* – treated us all to an extended Ladd’s Addition alleyway ride. Through out the entire night we yelled out “Who’s got Short Shorts! We’ve got Short Shorts! We then rode over the Hawthorne bridge to Keller Fountain for a short break, a few folks got in the water, and why not, as we were wearing short shorts.

Then we biked through downtown to the Pearl for another fountain visit at Jamison Square and a group photo. Though the funny thing is as we all got up and posed, I realized our photographers had left the ride. Luckily Tom and couple others stepped in. We headed back eastside, but this time we did it crazy Scandinavian style. We bike over the top of Steel Bridge! On the road! And lastly the ride ended at Norse Hall, where the ladies generously opened up the Oslo Lounge – Horny Troll Bar just for us. And boy were they pleased with our group – now at about 50! Many a drink was poured including the house special, the Horny Troll (orange juice and Akvavit ). The ladies knew I was in charge of this crew and poured strong, and soon I was taking lots of blurry short short pictures. Wow, is it only Thursday?

*Carl Larson was seen in a Norwegian sweater and short shorts on the annual January Palm Tree Ride – and the idea to do a Short Shorts Scandinavian Pride Ride was born!

Mr Watt Grumpy Man of Metal

Mr Watt Grumpy Man of Metal

Mr Watt, Grumpy Man of Metal, lives in a metal world and makes metal things – a crab’s bicycle, a flying machine, a new kind of trumpet. He is the creation of craft maker Jon Mills who presents the disastrous adventures of Mr Watt in a series of short books. Hove Museum hosts Mr Watt and many of his creations in this exhibition of metal pieces used to illustrate the books that will appeal to adults and children alike. Sixty year 4 pupils from Goldstone School, where my children go, worked with Jon Mills on stories and sculptures. The exhibition is on at Hove Museum and Art Gallery until 18 Sept 2011.

men in bicycle shorts

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