Bicycle Handlebar End Caps

bicycle handlebar end caps

    end caps
  • (End Cap) An exhibit space with aisles on three sides. Also known as a Peninsula Booth.

  • (End cap) Package cushioning is used to help protect fragile items during shipment. It is common for a transport package to be dropped, kicked, and impacted: These events may produce potentially damaging shocks.

  • (End Cap) The end of the grip of a golf club. Also the plastic or rubber cap used in certain leather and wrap grip applications. The same as "Butt Cap."

Looking along Eva Road from the junction of Elm Road South, Cheadle Heath, Saturday, July 24th 1999.

Looking along Eva Road from the junction of Elm Road South, Cheadle Heath, Saturday, July 24th 1999.

Long ago, when I was a little boy here in the early 1950's, you could have seen me peddling my tricycle along the pavement on the right (now completely obscured by parked cars) with a bag of shopping over the handlebars as I ran errands for the neighbours from the corner shops at the far end of Eva Road and the shops on the front of Stockport Road. There were no parked cars in Eva Road in those days, lessen you count the landlord, Mr Ford, who came every week to collect the rent, which was 12/6d per week, or, in today’s money, 62 pence.

I took this photo with my film camera (a very cheap one, as you can see by the definition) on the afternoon of Saturday, July 24th, 1999. I had been taking a number of street views in the immediate area and I was just about to take a photo of my old house at 1, Eva Road, when a strange thing happened. I was suddenly surrounded by a group of six teenagers on black bicycles who were wearing black shirts and black trousers and black baseball caps and who asked me rather menacingly what the hell I was doing around there taking photos. I told them that I had been born in Cheadle Heath, “at number one over there” and, pointing to the house of my birth, said that I had come back to take photos of my childhood haunts. “We don’t like strangers coming around here taking pictures”, said one of the youths, obviously believing I was some kind of police spy. “Listen, pal”, I told him, “I was riding my bike along here long before your parents were a twinkle in your grandparents eyes. I've got as much right as you have to take pictures here!” They looked at me a bit puzzled for a few seconds and then rode off. “Must be the local mafia”, I thought. “Well, if that’s the kind of welcome I get when I come back home, I’m not coming back here again!” And I haven’t been back since.

Well, if I don't belong in Cheadle Heath any more and if I've never belonged in Stoke-on-Trent, then where the hell do I belong? Nowhere, I suppose.

Phillips circa 1950/60s

Phillips circa 1950/60s

Having been happily distracted in recent times by tandems, trikes and my childrens involvement with racing bikes, I'd temporarily forgotten about just how comfortable an old bog standard sit-up and beg bicycle can be.
Well, I spotted this recently, abandoned, unlocked and unloved in a bicycle parking rack not too far from me with brakes hanging off, 28" Endrick wheel on the front (should be 26" Westwood), moss seat, seized chain, punctures etc etc just waiting for the dustbin lorry (or a sad person) to take it away.
To cut a long story short, I got permission to remove it off the premises and bring it home with me to join all the other inpatients.
Having sampled bikes with 168 gears, fag paper wheels and seats shaped like razor blades recently, this bike is a joy (even with very tired mosslike seat and bare metal protruding from the end) to ride.
It has no gears (well, single speed 18 tooth freewheel), doesn't go very fast (because of the aforementioned), looks a bit naff (to some people), has interesting brakes, currently has a bit (I'm being kind here) of play in the headset....but it's oh so comfortable (especially if you've got a dodgy back).

And to cap it all, it's still got (after all these years), its original Phillips branded chainwheel, badges, peddles, handlebars and chainguard.
Wonderful !

bicycle handlebar end caps

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